Summer is coming! 

Energy Saving Tips


Every one dreams of living in the sunny, and inviting climate of San Diego…..until the relief of our mild winters and peacefully warm spring seasons come to an end. It is then, as the days become longer, and our kids’ ice cream cones melt faster, that our San Diego dream starts to turn into a hot, sweaty, nightmare!

Before the nightmare hits, it’s important to make sure that you and your family are prepared for the notorious Southern California heat, before it starts.

Here at Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. we want to share with you important money saving tips to help you stay ahead of the impending summer heat.

Tip 1: Close the blinds and windows

Once the sun rises in the morning, the clock starts ticking on how much naturally cool air you will have left in home.

It’s best to close your blinds and windows before the scorching summer sun rises. The less sun in the home, the more money you will save on air conditioning. This is an especially easy and practical tip for people who work during the day.

Tip 2: Keep a steady temperature

Everyone’s goal is to use their air conditioning unit as little as possible so they can save money. The best way to use your air conditioning unit less, is to keep a steady temperature in your home.

If you leave your home for an extended period of time, don’t shut off your air conditioner unit completely. Instead, set the thermostat higher. You want to avoid coming back home to an overly heated house that will take twice as long to cool down.

Tip 3: Place a fan in front of an open window on cooler days

Most of us run fans in addition to our air conditioner; this is a great way to aid in cooling your home and keeping energy costs low.

On cooler days and evenings, try placing fans directly in front of open windows. Doing so, will cool down your home more effectively than placing the fan in the corner of rooms.

Tip 4: Clean or replace your air filters once a month

Because our lives tend to be busy, changing the air filters in our home (and changing the oil in our car!) always seems get put off. But did you know that not changing the air filters in your home actually costs you more money?

Dirty air filter can cause reduced air flow which means your unit will have to run longer. In addition, dirty air filters can cause an increase in illnesses. Changing your air filter is an important part to keeping your family healthy and your energy costs low.

If you need additional help maintaining your air conditioning and heating unit, contact Pacific Heating & Air Conditioning at 619-535-1128. We have affordable maintenance packages available and helpful maintenance technicians so you don’t have to worry about adding another item on your “to-do” spring chore list.